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Baby Gund Sprinkles and Sprinkles Gift Sets

We have the entire line of Gund Sprinkles at Totally Tots. Gund Sprinkles are great fun for young minds because they are vivid in color, soft as-can-be, and have friendly faces that your tot will just love. You'll find Gund Sprinkles Elephant, Gund Sprinkles Hippo, and Gund Sprinkles Giraffe in Plush doll, soft Plush Keywind Musical, and Plush Rattles. We also have Gund Sprinkles Horse Plush to add to your collection. You can decorate a nursery or favorite tot's room with a Gund Sprinkles Comfy Cozy and Gund Sprinkles frames. We also have Exclusive Gift Sets that couple these treasures with our own cuddly blankets, burpcloths, and hats - what more can a baby want? If you don't see what you are looking for, try our great search engine. Also, see other products from Gund in the Gund Product Index and find out about the Totally Tots Advantage, including free gift wrap.

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Product Description Product Notes Price
Sprinkles Plush
Gund Sprinkles Plush - Elephant Giraffe Hippo
Gund Sprinkles Elephant Plush, Sprinkles Giraffe Plush, and Sprinkles Hippo Plush Animals $ 29.95
Sprinkles Rattles and Frames
Gund Sprinkles Rattles - Elephant Giraffe Hippo
Gund Sprinkles Rattles: Sprinkles Elephant Rattle, Sprinkles Giraffe Rattle, and Sprinkles Hippo Rattle. $ 7.95

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