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Thanksgiving Dolls at Totally Tots! Find Pilgrims, Native Americans and Turkeys with Sounds.

Please click on the picture for a detailed product description, or click on the price to add it to your cart. If you don't see what you are looking for, try our great search engine. Find out about the Totally Tots Advantage, including free gift wrap. We will be adding to this collection continuously, so please come back soon!


Native American Dolls

Gund Big Chief - A Native American Pal

Gund Little Feather - A Native American Pal

Gund Constance - A Pal for Thanksgiving

Gund Conrad - A Pal for Thanksgiving

Gund Blake - A Bear with a Hat

Gund Bonnie - A Bear with a Bonnet

Gund Gobbles - Turkeys with Sounds




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