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Gund Dottie Dots Collection at Totally Tots!

Totally Tots has the entire line of Baby Gund Dottie Dots gifts including Gund Dottie Dots Cozy (Dotty Dots Cozies), Dottie Dots Plush, Dottie Dots Pacifier Clips and Dottie Dots Rattles. You'll find all the precious animals that compose this line: Dottie Dots Duck, Dottie Dots Puppy, Dottie Dots Cat and the Dottie Dots Frog ready for gift giving. Don't forget that we have free gift wrap for all of your gift giving needs. Please click on the picture for a detailed product description or to purchase. If you don't see what you are looking for, try our great search engine. Also, see other products from Gund in the Gund Product Index and find out about the Totally Tots Advantage, including free gift wrap.

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Featured Item!

Gund Dottie Dots Frog Comfy Cozy

Wonderful for snuggly or for decorating a room. Your special tot will love this for years to come!

Dottie Dots Comfy Cozy

Gund Dottie Dots Duck Comfy Cozy

Gund Dottie Dots Frog Comfy Cozy

Dottie Dots Blankies, Rattles, & Accessories

Gund Dottie Dots Beanstix - Duck, Cat, Frog, or Puppy

Gund Dottie Dots Rattles - Duck Puppy Frog Cat

Gund Dottie Dots Wrist Rattles - Duck, Cat, Frog, or Puppy

Gund Dottie Dots Hand Rattles with Mirror - Duck, Cat, Frog, or Puppy

Gund Dottie Dots Pacifier Clips


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