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Huggy Buggy at Totally Tots!

Huggy Buggys - These soft, bouncy, bio-degradeable wonders are great fun for kids. Because the Huggy Buggy cars, trucks, planes, and helicopters are soft, they don't mar surfaces when dropped. Great fun for kids and a great relief for their parents! Choose individual cars, trucks, and planes (and helicopters) or our Exclusive Gift Sets that combine a Huggy Buggy with another great item. If you don't see what you are looking for, try our great search engine.

Want to browse all the products on this page now? Check out our Huggy Buggy Products Page.

What makes Huggy Buggy so Great?

One of the greatest aspect of Huggy Buggys is their design. They are child friendly - grabbable, colorful, and wonderfully textured, as well as parent friendly - quiet in movement, soft on surfaces. They are constructed of natural sap of rubber trees (abundant resources), and are covered with a velvety soft coating called flocking. The flocking is both durable and great to the touch. All this combined encourages kids to use all their senses during play.

Huggy Buggys are Award Winners

The Huggy Buggy brand has been honored with more than 30 awards from toy and children's advocacy orgnaizations. Here are just a few of the awards:

Product Award
Huggy Buggy Dr. Toy's top 100 Children's Products of 1998, Dr. Toys's Top Ten Toys of 1998
Huggy Buggy Vehicles (Plane Truck, Train and Helicopter Dr Toy's Best Vacation Children's Products of 1999, 1999 Parents' Choice Gold Award
Mini Huggy Buggy 1999 Parents' Choice Gold Award, 2000 1999 Parents' Choice Recommended Award - Train/Truck
Huggy Sport Ring Toss The 2000 National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval, Dr. Toy's top 100 Children's Products of 2000, 2000 Parents' Choice Silver Honors Award
Huggy Sport Bat and Ball The 2000 National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval, Family Fun Magazine's Toy of the Year Award 2000

Huggy Buggy Cars

These are the gems that started it all, Huggy Buggy Cars. Huggy Buggy cars roll, bounce, and are a wonder to hold for your tot. You'll find them at Totally Tots in all the colors.

Huggy Buggy Vehicles and Rescue Vehicles

Does your tot like trains, planes, and trucks as well as automobiles? If so, you've got to get them Huggy Buggy Vehicles-Train Truck Helicopter or Plane. This cool transportation makes flying, chugging or hauling so much fun. Choose a Huggy Buggy Train, Truck, Helicopter, or Plane. Up, up, and away!

Huggy Buggy also has Rescue Vehicles that are sure to please. There is a Huggy Buggy Police Car and a Huggy Buggy Ambulance for the tot with lots of imagination. Find out more about the Huggy Buggy Ambulance or Police Car.

Huggy Buggy Action Vehicles

Looking for great truck fun that's still soft and durable? Check out these Huggy Buggy Action Vehicles - Dump Truck, Bulldozer, and Fire Truck. Action Vehicles are just Huggy Buggy Vehicles with moving parts that will give your tot hours of fun. Choose Dump Truck, Bulldozer, and Fire Truck or get all three at an even better price.

Huggy Buggy Balls and Games

Like the feel of a Huggy Buggy and want it in other forms? Well, we've got Huggy Buggy Sport Balls - Basketball, Soccer Ball, and Football for all you sport fans. For good indoor or outdoof fun, try the Huggy Buggy Ring Toss which has a soft base and colorful soft rings that are absolutely great sport! Great for growing kids hand/eye coordination and motor skills. Like the old stand-by, horseshoes? Well, now we've got that game with a Huggy Buggy twist. The Huggy Buggy Sport Horse Shoe Set Huggy Buggy Sport Horseshoe Set offers a soft, durable, bouncy version of the classic game. It too has a soft base as well as vividly colored soft horseshoes that are big enough for small hands to get a good grip.

Does your tot like to catch, but you can't find a glove small enough? Look no further! Huggy Buggy Sport has a Glove and Ball sized, and made, just for the little ones, the Huggy Buggy Sport Glove and Ball. A bouncy Huggy Buggy Sport Ball accompanies the soft velour mitt, which has a snug opening for the hand and a wide span so that catching a ball is a little easier and helps build confidence.

Are strikes and spares right down your alley? Well, then Huggy Buggy Sport knows how to please you! A very cool Bowling set for the little ones, the Huggy Buggy Sport Bowling Set has soft pins that are easy to set up and a ball that is super-easy to handle and roll. Vivid colors make this set irresistable.

Huggy Buggy Special Editions

Hooray! wanted to make some Special Edition Huggy Buggys to celebrate, and we have them here at Totally Tots: Huggy Buggy Space Edition, The Huggy Buggy Stars and Stripes Edition, and the Huggy Buggy Girl Power Edition. We can roll on the moon with the Huggy Buggy Space Buggy - Special Edition. It's a Huggy Buggy Car that's purple/silver w/Glow in Dark hubcaps. Or let's celebrate the fourth of July (or just be patriotic) with Huggy Buggy Stars N Stripes - Special Edition. It's a Huggy Buggy Car that's red, white, and blue. What about Girl Power? Huggy Buggy didn't forget their female side, so they created the Huggy Buggy Girl Power - Special Edition just for girls. It's a Huggy Buggy Car that's pink/yellow/green. There's something here for everyone!


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