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What's New at Totally Tots? Last Update - 05/27/03 with New Site Features and Products

Here is a listing of new products and site features that we have added to the website. We are excited about them, and hope you will be too! Bookmark us so that you can easily come back to see what's new.


5/27/03 - Fax ordering is available! Shop as you normally would, then checkout. Click on Fax Order Link at the top of the secure order form. Once you are on the Fax Order Form, fill in the form, then print it out and fax it. It's that simple!

5/19/03 - By popular request, we added a Gund Gift Set page that lists our Exclusive Gift Sets, including gorgeous Gund toys and plush animals matched with Totally Tots items. We also added a page for Mommy Gifts for the new and experienced mom. And for the animal lovers, we added Gund Comfy Cozies - an animal shaped playmat/blanket for baby tummy time. For older kids, this is just like a big plush animal. They are so much fun and we have a lamb, elephant, hippo, and giraffe.

But best of all, we made changes to the checkout process to make it quicker. If you are sending the item to your billing addresss, then you only have to type in your address once . We also redesigned the form. There is also a way to fax in the order if you choose. This is available, but info hasn't been posted to the site yet. If you want to fax, send us an email and will send you the fax number and details. This page will be updated when the fax order details are published. Check out Site Features below for complete details..

You'll also note that we now use our tots logo on every page now, and info on how to contact us, customer care, etc. have links at the top of the page (as well as the bottom where they always were).

5/10/03 - Most recently we've also added a page for Huggy Buggy and updated our Gund Products so they are easy to find. An exciting new product for everyone is our new Fleece Throws. We've actually been doing them for a while, so by popular demand we decided to offer them to you on the site.

Previously, we added Wooden Puzzles, Wooden books are new in Learning Toys. We've also updated the detail pictures with our cushy hooded towels.

Site Features

We are extremely happy about the changes we are making at Totally Tots and are sure you will be too. We will keep this page as current as possible, so visit it often.

Feature What it does Where It Is
Fax Allows secure faxing of orders. Checkout (soon)
Secure Checkout Update Now when you checkout, you do not have to retype your Shipping Information if it is the same as your billing information. After filling out your billing info, check the box in Shipping that says "sipping same as Billing" and all the fields in that section will be filled out for you. Also, the form has been redesigned. Checkout
Mom's Page Shows great products we have for the New and Experienced Mom Gifts For Mom
EZ Shop Helps you shop quickly and more efficiently at Totally Tots. We've added more links to get you to products faster. Shop
Pictures on Search Now when you search, you get a thumbnail picture of the product. Search
Search Hints We have provided some helpful hints to assist you in finding what you want. Includes *new* search by gender. Search
Category Listings Listing of product categories and what products are in them. Shop
Category Navigation At the top of each category page, there are links to all other categories. Makes for quick navigation between categories. Product Categories
FAQ additions We've added more answers to the FAQ for your convenience. Customer Care
How to contact us by phone We've added our phone number so that you can contact us to place phone orders. About Us



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