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African-American Dolls and Books at Totally Tots!

We have a growing selection of African-American Dolls and African-American Themed Books at Totally Tots. You'll find lovely African-American Dolls for boys, girls, babies and toddlers as well as Books written for, by, and about African-Americans. There are folk stories from Africa, biographies, and historical teachings in "African-American Children's Stories". You'll find a treasury of stories with traditional values in "African American Sories" and a Gospel flavor in "Rock of Ages". Teaching your toddler to read while promoting self-esteem is easy because "Cassies Word Quilt" explores the world of a young African-American girl with vivid pictures and simple words. Please click on the picture for a detailed product description, or click on the price to add it to your cart. If you don't see what you are looking for, try our great search engine. Find out about the Totally Tots Advantage, including free gift wrap. We will be adding to this collection continuously, so please come back soon!

African-American Books

African American Children's Stories - A Padded Treasury

African American Stories - A Treasury Board Book

Cassie's Word Quilt - An African American Culture Book

Rock of Ages - An African American Culture Book

African American Dolls

Gund Baby Girl Doll - Ethnic 12 inches

Gund Baby Boy Doll 12 inches - Ethnic

Russ Ali - African American Dolls

African American Rattle Dolls

Gund Baby Boy Rattle Doll - Ethnic

Gund Baby Girl Rattle Doll - Ethnic


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