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Gund Sesame Street Toys and Plush Gift Sets from Totally Tots!

Nothing is cuter and more recognizable than your tot's favorite Sesame Street Character, and we have them here at Totally Tots. We have super-soft Plush Sesame Street Characters. We also have the Plush Sesame Street Characters coupled with great books in our Exclusive Gift Sets. We have the Musical Elmo and the Feed Me Cookie Monster interactive characters. Definitely take a look at the Sesame Street character picture frames that we have to choose from - we have the full collection from Gund. Finally, check out our Sesame Street Bean Bags - they are feature popular characters in the neighborhood. If your tot loves Sesame Street, you've come to the right place! Scan the categories below, or try our great search engine to find exactly what you are looking for.

Sesame Street Character pages at Totally Tots!

We have developed Sesame Street Character Pages so shopping for items featuring your favorite character is easy at Totally Tots. There are pictures and descriptions of each Sesame Street item, Info on the item as it relates to the particular Sesame Street Character, and our new Quick Ratings. These ratings tell you how much exposure the Sesame Street character has in the book or toy (5=Featured, 4=Very Visible on Multiple Pages, 3=At least one Dedicated Page, 2=Multiple images only, 1=One image only). Use the ratings to make the best pick!

You will find Sesame Street Character pages for all the familiar faces like Ernie on Ernie's Journey, Bert in Bert's Pigeon Coop , Cookie Monster in Cookie's Cookie Jar page, Elmo in Elmo's Land, Zoe in Zoe's Ballet and Big Bird in Big Bird's Nest. Also find Other Sesame Street Characters like The Count von Count and Oscar the Grouch. We'll soon have one for Grover, too!

Want to see all of our Gund Products? Click to see our Gund Product Index. Want to shop for all items on this page at once? Go to our Sesame Street Characters Product Page.

Gund Sesame Street Plush

We have all the Gund Sesame Street Plush Friends at GREAT prices. You'll find Sesame Street Plush Friends - Elmo Big Bird, or Cookie Monster as soft as can be and so cute. And don't forget we also have the other popular Sesame Street Characters like Sesame Street Plush Friends - Grover, Ernie, or Bert and even Gund Zoe Ballerina. Zoe's in a wonderful Ballerina outfit and is ready to dance! And our latest edition is Oscar the Grouch! Sesame Street's Oscar the Grouch is in his signature trash can with his familiar "SCRAM" sign on it. Oscar's pet Slimy is even pictured on front of the trash can, though Slimy and the sign are only screenprinted on the trashcan! Oscar is green plush with his realisticly stringy fur and has huge, bushy brown eyebrows (as only Oscar does). Oscar's trashcan is plush (a soft silver metallic fabric), and Oscar is standing in his trash can up to his armpits. His arm's are extended outward, and Oscar wears the trash can lid on his head (perched very cutely, I think). Classic Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch, and available now at Totally Tots.

What about the new Puppets? Well, Gund has also introduced a new collection of Sesame Street Puppets - and you'll find them all here from the Elmo Puppet, Ernie Puppet, Big Bird Puppet, Zoe Puppet, Oscar Puppet, Bert Puppet, Grover Puppet, to the Cookie Monster Puppet. Gund Sesame Street Hand Puppets are gorgeously crafted to look like you could put on your own broadcast of Sesame Street! The Sesame Street Hand Puppets fit adult or children's hands, and both the arms and mouths are controllable. The puppets show about 3/4 of the body of the particular Sesame Street Character that they depict, so again the realism for Sesame Street is there. Since they have covered all of the major characters, including Oscar the Grouch, we suggest you consider doing lots of Sesame Street Puppet shows for your little Sesame Street fan!

Look down below for information on smaller plush sizes - Gund Sesame Street Minis, Gund Sesame Street Bean Bags (aka Sesame Street Beanbags) and Gund Sesame Street Backpack Clips.

Exclusive Book N' Plush Gift Sets featuring Gund Sesame Street Plush

Need a great gift that is fun and educational. Try our Exclusive Gift Sets featuring Gund Sesame Street Plush Characters with Books. We have Big Bird's Big Bird Plush N' Book Gift Set featuring Gund Big Bird Plush with Sesame Beginning's 'Peek a Boo' Book. Are you a Cookie Monster fan? Then try our Cookie Monster Plush N' Book Gift Set which stars Gund's Cookie Monster Plush with the 'Cookie See, Cookie Do' Book. Is Elmo the favorite in your house? Then your tot must have our Elmo Plush N' Book Gift Set w/Pat-Cake Book for sure - it has Gund's Elmo Plush with the 'Pat-A-Cake' Book. Since there are so many Elmo fans out there, we also feature Elmo in Elmo Plush N' Book Gift Set - Big Lift-and-Look Book. This book has flaps to help your tot discover what can be hiding in familiar and not-so-familiar places. Since we last updated this column, we have added many, many Sesame Street Book N' Plush gift sets, including an Oscar Puppet N' Book Gift set. We have them all in one place, so go to Sesame Street Gift Sets to browse. We've added the following: Oscar Plush N' Books Gift Set , Cookie Monster Plush N' Blanket Set, Elmo Plush N' Blanket Set, Elmo Plush N' Book Set- The Bunny Hop, Elmo's Valentine Plush Gift Set, Big Bird N' Book Gift Set - Big Bird Furry Face Book, Cookie Monster N' Frame Gift Set, Cookie Monster Plush N' Book Gift Set - Cookie Rhyme Book, Chef Cookie Monster BeanBag N' Book Gift Set - 'Baker, Baker Cookie Maker' Book, Bert Plush N' Book Gift Set - 'Ernie and Bert Can, Can You?' Book, Ernie Plush N' Book Gift Set - 'Ernie and Bert Can, Can You?' Book, Ernie Plush N' Book Gift Set - 'Ernie's Little Toolbox' Book, Fireman Bert Beanbag N' Book Set - Follow that Fire Truck, Grover Plush N' Book Gift Set, Zoe Plush N' Book Set - Ballerina Zoe Book with Glitter Stickers, Oscar Puppet N' Book Gift Set - What's In Oscar's Trash Can? Book.

Gund Sesame Street Minis

Mini Elmo N' Book Gift Set, Mini Cookie N' Book Gift Set, Mini Big Bird N' Book Gift Set.

Gund Sesame Street Bean Bags (aka Sesame Street Beanbags)

Fireman Bert Beanbag N' Book Set - Follow that Fire Truck, Chef Cookie Monster BeanBag N' Book Gift Set - 'Baker, Baker Cookie Maker' Book.

Gund Sesame Street Backpack Clips

These are new and so cool for the slightly older Toddler, Parents who are nostalgic or need a distraction for a toddler on their backpack or keychain, or people who just want their favorite Sesame Street character hanging around.

Gund Sesame Street Musical and Interactive Fun

Ready for the sounds of the 'Sesame Street Theme' song? Elmo gently moves his head to the tune of the 'Sesame Street Theme' song and holds colorful blocks that spell out his name. See Gund 's Musical Elmo. Ever see Cookie Monster eat his cookies up-close and personally? Well, Gund's Feed Me Cookie does just that! Just put each cookie into his mouth and help them disappear.

Gund Bathtime Ernie - A Sesame Street Favorite Bathtime will never be the same since Gund's Sesame Street Bathtime Ernie hit the scene. Ernie is made of an orange, soft terry cloth fabric (to make him more bath time worthy, I think ;), though Ernie is NOT meant to go into the tub. Ernie is all ready for his pretend bath, and is wearing a terry cloth robe, Ernie-striped shorts and slippers. What is so extra-special about Gund's Sesame Street Bathtime Ernie is that he has some bath gear in his robe pockets. He has a child-safe mirror and a washcloth (complete with Rubber Ducky Applique) in one pocket, and Ernie's favorite Rubber Ducky in his other pocket. An added treat - Ernie's Duck plays "Rubber Ducky You're the One" when squeezed.

New and exciting at Totally Tots in the area for Musical fun is Gund's Sesame Street Sleepytime Friends - Gund Sesame Street Sleepytime Ernie, Gund Sesame Street Sleepytime Big Bird, Gund Sesame Street Sleepytime Cookie Monster, and of course Gund Sesame Street Sleepytime Elmo. What makes these guys so wonderful is that they each have their favorite bedtime pal with them and they play Music when you squeeze the right spot. The Gund Sesame Street Sleepytime characters have plush bodies with music box mechanisms inside.

Gund Sleepytime Ernie - Sesame Street Sleeps! Gund Sesame Street Sleepytime Ernie is dressed in red pajamas with white polka-dots and nightcap, bunny slippers, and holds Ernie's signature friend, his Rubber Ducky. Ernie's tuft of hair is, of course, peeking out from under the cap, and Ernie plays "Rock A Bye Baby" when you squeeze his hand.

Gund Sleepytime Big Bird - Sesame Street Sleeps! Gund Sesame Street Sleepytime Big Bird is our big yellow bedtime pal, and he wears a blue nightcap and carries a blanket. Big Bird also holds his favorite bear, Radar, and plays "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" when you press his hand.

Gund Sleepytime Cookie Monster - Sesame Street Sleeps! Your tot will be all ready to snuggle with Gund Sesame Street Sleepytime Cookie Monster! Cookie Monster is wearing orange pajamas and nightcap with white polka-dots, (and the cutest peek-a-boo panel on his tush). He is resting on a pillow that is made of fabric that has a cookie pattern on it (yummy!). Cookie Monster is wearing a wonderful sleepy smile and plays "Hush Little Baby" when you press his leg.

Gund Sleepytime Elmo - Sesame Street Sleeps! Last, but certainly not least is Gund Sesame Street Sleepytime Elmo. Elmo has on green pajamas with white polka-dots (and also sports the cute peek-a-boo panel on his tush), has NO nightcap, but is snuggled on a green blanket. Elmo holds his doll David (very realistic intrerpretation, I might add), and plays "Hush Little Baby" when you squeeze his leg.


Gund Sesame Street Picture Frames

Have we got all the Sesame Street Character Frames or what? We have frames that are just right for one or more cute pictures. Choose your favorite Gund Sesame Street Frame with Cookie Monster, Elmo, or Zoe. Want to ride to school with the Sesame Street Gang? Then you need the Gund Sesame Street School Bus Frame - it features Cookie Monster, Zoe, Ernie, and Elmo getting on the bus and can display two of your child's favorite pictures. Need to take time to relax after school? Then let's fly a kite with Big Bird with Gund's Big Bird Frame where the picture fits right into Big Bird's kite. Getting ready to take a bath after a long day? Then let's grab a rubber ducky and hop into the tub like Ernie does in Gund's Ernie Bathtime Frame. Ah, it's the weekend, so let's go to a party! Who are the hosts? Ernie and Bert are in Gund's Ernie and Bert Frame featuring Ernie and Bert holding balloons where two pictures can be displayed. Finally, hang out with the gang on the famous Sesame Street Stoop with Gund's Sesame Street Stoop Frame featuring Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster and Zoe.

Gund Sesame Street Bean Bags

Do you know the People in Your Neighborhood? Well, we've got Gund's Sesame Street Bean Bags - Ernie, Zoe, Cookie Monster, Bert, and Elmo to introduce us! These bean bags feature Ernie as a Mailman, Zoe as a Ballerina, Cookie as a Chef, Bert as a Fireman, and Elmo as a Policeman. Great size for Great fun!

Ready for more Sesame Street shopping? Here you go!

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